Rosamund Pike for Esquire Magazine

 I hope she’ll be a fool - that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.


Empress Elisabeth “Sissi” of Austria, in color.

Part 1/? 


I think, Mr. Gray, there are… tremors around us. Like the vibrations of a note of music. Hidden music. Some may be more attuned to them than others. What do those people do, those who have been chosen?

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"I was somewhat frustrated, I have always loved period dramas and my friends were in these gorgeous-looking Jane Austen adaptations. I would be like, ‘I have all of this training, when will I get a chance to explore that side?’"Gugu Mbatha-Raw.


The Age of Innocence - 1993


Rome has fallen into the hands of a corrupt monster. And you? The direct descendant of the father of the republic! What do you do?

may i kiss your neck? 

             don’t ask  p e r m i s s i  o n.  if you want to do something, do it because it is your desire, not my allowance. you must risk rejection. 

vanessa: to be alien, to be disenfranchised from those around you. is that not a dreadful curse? 
dorian: to be different, to be powerful. is that not a divine gift? 
vanessa: to be alone.
dorian: to be seeking.
vanessa: what?
dorian: another.
vanessa: like you?
dorian: who shares your rarity.
vanessa: then you’re no longer unique.
dorian:  n o r   a r e   y o u   a l o n e.